Over the past ten years, CPR courses have changed significantly. Students can still enrol in conventional instructor-led courses. Online programmes and low-dose, high-frequency training models are also available. By reading on, you can learn about what a CPR online course comprises and the advantages that eLearning may offer your CPR training.

CPR Training Online

Every single person has to know how to perform CPR. The ability to do Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation effectively could one day save a life.

Our online CPR training programmes are intended for those who need to learn CPR and those who reside in rural locations and cannot get face-to-face training to be evaluated for practical skills.

CPR Training Online

Participants will not obtain an ASQA-accredited statement of accomplishment in Provide CPR HLTAID001 upon completion of the course since this course is entirely online, and practical competencies cannot be evaluated using this technique.

Before beginning a course that may be necessary for work-related reasons, ask your employer if it is a suitable course for you.

Edway Training Pty Ltd provides CPR Online, a non-accredited course, and awards certificates of completion.

Gaining A First Aid Certificate In Melbourne Has Many Advantages

There aren’t many better ways to improve your skills and increase your value to your employer than by earning a first aid certificate in Melbourne. Edway is a leader in the region for both onsite and offsite first aid training, and we provide thorough, superior first aid and CPR courses. Here are a few advantages of earning your certification that you might not have considered if you’re considering enrolling in a Melbourne first aid school.

Skills in Hazard Prevention

After completing the traffic control course, you will have exceptional abilities and experience in preventing risks on the building site.

Knowledge of How to Report Safety Concerns

You must thoroughly report any safety issues you encounter while keeping an eye on the building site to avoid congestion.

Job at low risk

You may reduce dangers while working by utilising the expertise and information learned during the traffic control training.

First Aid Intervention

Additionally, traffic control training gives you first aid knowledge. This implies that in the event of an accident, you can act promptly and save lives. Before the victim arrives at a hospital, first aid is essential to keep them stable.

Self-paced Learning

Throughout the whole traffic control course, there is no rush. You have the option of learning at your own pace. However, to improve safety on construction sites, all applicants are urged to study and comprehend during times when they are not under pressure. The majority of students concur that eLearning is an excellent tool for imparting fundamental information and tutorials, which can aid in the formation of concepts and engage students in more challenging, high-level thinking. Improved retention may result from the capacity to master fundamental ideas before moving on to harder content.

Increased Learning Interest, Satisfaction, and Retention

You could improve educational outcomes and student satisfaction by incorporating eLearning into CPR teaching.

  • It takes one to two hours to complete the online CPR course information.
  • Ask your employer if a course is appropriate for you before starting one that may be required for professional reasons.
  • Because this course is only offered online and practical competencies cannot be evaluated using this method, participants will not receive an ASQA-accredited certificate. Additionally, depending on your workplace, you may not be qualified for employment.
  • If you need to complete an accredited Provide CPR HLTAID001 training course, please visit our CPR Sydney or CPR Melbourne pages.

We provide you with the chance to finish a fundamental CPR course at our location and obtain your CPR licence. Please feel free to first message us with any queries or requests. Then enrol in our course to begin learning in our welcoming and comfortable environment.

For more information, please get in touch with us directly or book online.