If you’re a relevant video editor or maybe a motion graphic artist you might experienced in the terms 2D tracking, color correction, and compositing.

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These topics are crucial that you need to learn in-depth if you wish to develop your abilities in the standard level.

Many of the industry professionals recommend Adobe Effects to understand 2D tracking, color correction, and compositing. It’s many tools to place these products into action within the cost-efficient way.

Inside the following sentences, we’ll intimate these terms in greater detail.

2D Tracking, Color Correction, and Compositing

  1. 2D Tracking

What’s regarding the term tracking? NO! don’t fret, let us learn about it. Really motion tracking could be a process that is frequently accustomed to stick to the product within some footage. You may also track several object inside the footage and may stabilize motion too.

Reason for 2D Tracking

Now let us know about reason for 2D tracking:

You can combine the footages that has shot individually as if you can moving person obtaining a moving bus.

You can animate the final results obtaining a moving element.

You can stabilize the merchandise be it relocating the footage.

You can replace screens round the TV, Computer or mobile phone.

You are able to elements like solid or text having a composition.

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Steps to accomplish 2D Tracking

Add your files to effects,

Produce a new composition together with your video.

Add files by which to complete tracking.

Select your video’s title

Produce a null object

Give a motion tracking animation

Squeeze motion tracker

Record the motion tracker’s steps.

Click edit target.

Select null object

Apply your changes

Squeeze file you need to motion track.

Connect, file – null object

  1. Color Correction

In Effects will probably color correction by using some effects that provide different make use of your video. We have ample choices to accomplish this. Let us see how does one use color correction effects together with what output you’ll be found.

Effects provides a lumetri color effect by will grade the footage directly using the effects. In effects & presets panel there is also a selection of color correction then click lumetri color. That you can do color correction also by modifying light and contrast which specific selection of colors you need to color grade.

Kinds of curves for color grading are:

? RGB curves

It can benefit us to handle the tonal range.

? Hue saturation curves

By hue saturation curves you can adjust the hue, saturation & brightness.

In hue & saturation curves we’ve 5 kinds of curves i.e:

Hue versus Hue – Using this curve, you can adjust cooler areas in the image taking advantage of spend hue.

Hue versus Saturation – you can adjust the saturation and desaturation within the image.

Hue versus Luma – It allows you to certainly adjust the brightness within the image.

Saturation versus Saturation – You can modify the saturation within the image if already some saturation within the image.

Luma versus Saturation – This is often option where you need to image with luma along with to handle the saturation.

? Auto color & Auto contrast effects

You can adjust the colour and contrast in the image with mid-tones, shadows, and highlights.

? Auto levels effect

By auto levels, you can adjust the sun’s sun rays and dark selection of the colour.

? Black and white-colored-colored-colored effect

By black and white-colored-colored-colored effect you can modify the colored image to grayscale.

? Brightness and contrast

You can adjust the brightness & contrast within the image.

  1. Compositing

Compositing could be a process you could include many footage or objects to produce one scene. You can modify the background within the footage and employ it as you want. You are able to different assets like smoke, fire, rain, 3D objects, real figures, etc which look real. Compositing is mainly present in news channels and flicks.

So, I’ve mentioned regarding the topics. Now that’s your use start practicing and experimenting.