When joining college, one of your first decisions to make is whether to live on or off-campus. It might also be among the college interview questions you will be asked. Before deciding to live off-campus, consider the benefits you will enjoy from living within. As discussed below, here are some reasons to consider college residency.
Make Friends
Living on campus gives you the opportunity to meet new people and make friends. You are not just limited to meeting people in classrooms, but halls of residence as well. Everyone knows how making friends in college can be hard at first. But being surrounded by students almost all the time makes it easy to form friendships. Staying in the dorm allows you to bond with new friends and create long-lasting relationships with people who can walk you through hard times.
Improve Your Academics
Staying on campus plays a significant role in getting better grades. Research has shown that people living in college dorms have better academic performance even if they stay on campus for a year or two. That is because of having easier access to libraries, Grand Canyon University accreditation professionals, and spending less time comminuting to class. You have more time and resources at your disposal.
Reduce the Stress of Commuting
You can save up that gas money if you own a car, since you do not have to drive to campus every day. Also, with a shorter walking distance, you can sleep for longer. When the dorm is located further from classes, most colleges will offer a commute option to take you to class, whether it is a bus or a shuttle. This also ensures you have reliable transport rather than depending on public transport.
Consult With Resident Advisors
Resident advisors help students who are transitioning to living within campus. This person will help answer any questions you have, whether on Grand Canyon University accreditation, campus safety, or general wellbeing. As much you may feel like living closely with strangers is intimidating, residence halls are great areas for socializing. A resident advisor can ensure that it is a welcoming space for you to alleviate your anxiety. Some even host events that encourage students to mingle and get to know each other. This is something you may not have access to when living off-campus.
As you attend college, look at what your options are for living on campus. This is one of those major decisions you start making as an adult. You will have fun, an easy time transitioning, and a possibility of better academic performance.