The decision on whether to send your child to a mixed or single sex school can be a hard one, and you’ll probably spend a lot of time debating the pros and cons. Of course you want the best for your child, but it’s important to take into account their individual needs and personality, and consider the practical implications of one type of school over another. To help you make this important decision, read on to learn more about the benefits of single sex education from an independent girls’ school in Hertfordshire

Personalised learning

Girls and boys learn in different ways and it can be hard for teachers to take this into account when creating learning materials and planning lessons in a mixed sex school. In single sex education, lessons and resources can be tailored to how children learn best. In addition, it can help with the confidence side of learning – in single sex schools children can be reluctant to put their hand up in class to answer questions out of concern for what members of the opposite sex might think. Single sex schools reduce this worry and help increase children’s confidence, which has a big impact on academic success. 

Freedom from gender stereotypes

Attending a single sex school and not having the worry about what members of the other sex might think of them can encourage children to follow their true passions and interests and fully explore their capabilities; for example, girls might be more inclined to study traditionally male subjects such as science, technology and engineering, or pursue extra-curricular activities in these areas. This could lead to a future career in a previously male-dominated industry, helping to buck the trend for both themselves and future generations. In addition, single sex education prevents unconscious bias and teachers differentiating between girls and boys in the classroom. 

Reduced fear of failure

As they don’t have to worry about the opinions of the opposite sex, children who attend single sex schools are more willing to take risks and give things a go because the prospet of failure is not so daunting. Students share ideas and thoughts in an open, safe and judgement-free environment, so they’re able to develop a strong sense of self and tackle challenges in a more positive way.

More involvement in sports

Girls can feel quite body-conscious at school, particularly in a mixed sex environment where they’re concerned about the opinions of boys. Attending a single sex school can help with this and encourage girls to participate in sports without worrying about their bodies. The school can also provide sports activities that might be more appealing to a particular sex, and it alleviates any problems with coaching girls and boys at the same time when they have different physical capabilities. 

Stronger relationships

Children studying at a single sex school get more opportunity to form close friendships with their peers as they can focus on this, as well as their studies, without worrying about trying to impress members of the opposite sex. They often form strong, lasting relationships forged through sharing similar experiences and spending more time with those of the same sex, and often these friendships last into adulthood. In addition, single sex education offers the chance for chilren to find mentors more easily, and people who can inspire them and provide support and guidance as they mature. 

It’s worth weighing up the pros and cons carefully when deciding whether your child should attend a mixed or single sex school; think about their personal needs as well as their individual character, and what type of environment will enable them to thrive and reach their full potential.